Internet submissions

We are extremely proud of both our success, and our determination to be completely ethical.

Do you need SEO ?
Not if there is no competition for your chosen search term.

We have several terms at No.1 in Google against over 100 million other web pages.

The figures for the percentage of searchers finding what they want by the use of search engines vary, but whatever the actual figure, the percentage is certainly high.

The important factor is therefore the ranking on the majors, and this is determined by a variety of criteria for each. The experts in this knowledge are referred to as search engine optimisers, or SEO.

If you wish to be found by potential customers or clients who do not yet know of your existence, or develop an online business, then you should devote a little time to deciding how you are going to achieve public awareness on the web.

There are many internet submission specialists, who understand search engines and directories, and have the knowledge of which ones to submit to, and how. This is a vital part of ensuring your existence on the web, and that those seeking your product, services, or information, and who do not know your domain, can find you.

We provide links for our clients from two sources. Firstly from over 19,000 webmaster contacts around the world, in a variety of subjects, and secondly in directories.

After seven year's experience in web site submission, we have a list of over 6,000 directories, 4,000 of which are of zero use, for various reasons. Of the remaining 2,000, some are pay to submit, some require a recip, and there are many who do not require a recip, therefore providing a one way link. Google has recently taken a serious look at directories and as a result many link pages are now not recognised as legitimate link sources, and rightly so.

Your site should certainly be submitted to the DMOZ or ODP directory. However there is absolutely no reason why you cannot do your website submitting yourself, it just takes time and patience. If you like the idea of marketing your business on the WWW, then go ahead and do it.

Create lists of directories, and other sites of reference, and have a go at optimisation yourself. Plenty of webmasters do, so why not you ?

Submitting to search engines -We personally do not submit to any.

Although there are search engines that now disregard meta keywords, you should always ensure that both your keywords and meta description are in place, before you take the step of adding your URL.

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